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Open-world action-RPG

Tower of Fantasy is a roleplaying game from Hotta Studio. Here, players will engage in a story-rich narrative and adrenaline-pumping combat across a vast alien world. The game features multi-language support and even cross-platform play between PC and mobile.

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world RPG similar to Genshin Impact. In fact, this game also combines exploration-based missions and object quests with dynamic-paced combat. It is also an online multiplayer title, allowing you to team up with your friends as you embark on your adventures. Although, as of this writing, the game is only available to limited countries.

What is Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is an action-RPG set on the fictional planet of Aida. Here, you will embark on a journey to complete missions. While doing so, you will engage in a battle against mutated creatures. You can get to know unique characters and wield distinct weapons that suit different play styles. As mentioned, you can also team up with online buddies and form parties to complete your missions.

As with other RPGs, the game allows you to create your characters from scratch using its built-in editor. All the customization options have an anime aesthetic and are highly detailed. More so, each character has their own skills, personality, and background. As an added point of interest, the game also introduces a simulacrum mode. This enables characters to change into a weaponized form of themselves.

The game offers truly superb graphics, thanks to its use of the Unreal Engine 4. The textures for each scenario and character are something to behold. Moreover, the controls are well-placed, making it easy to unleash attacks and combinations. The camera also does a great job of tracking your action as you play. However, you will need a high-performing device to avoid suffering from lag.

Newest game additions

The substantial success of Tower of Fantasy has opened up exciting possibilities for expansion, with the latest Version 2.4 update being a testament to those leaps forward. Aptly named "Under the Grand Sea," this latest entrant adds an aquatic-themed region—paving the way for a new canvas for players to explore, experience, and master.  In addition to this new virtual playland, the latest update brings in new characters, mechanics, and more. 

An exciting addition to the character roster is the game's newest simulacrum, Lan. Marking her entry as a defense-type flame element character, Lan is anything but ordinary. She wields her umbrella—an emblem of grace and strength—doubling as a weapon causing detrimental burn injuries to her opponents. Her strong presence in the game ignites changes in the gameplay dynamics and adds an extra layer of strategy to combat mechanics. 

Marking its grand entry, as well, is the formidable Behemoth Abyssant Haboela, poised to be the game's newest world boss. A major antagonist introduced in this update, this beast poses a stiff challenge to players, testing both their combat techniques and tactical prowess. The inclusion of Haboela pushes players to reinvent their strategies and adapt to new combat mechanisms, thus, ensuring the game's essence of thrill and excitement remains intact.

Is the game good?

Overall, Tower of Fantasy is a good title to pick up. Although it has typical ARPG gameplay, it elevates the experience by offering an immersive world and dynamic combat. It also helps that the graphics and animations are superbly made and constantly unfolding. Even better, it supports cross-platform plays. However, as with similar titles, prepare a high-performing device to be able to get a smooth gaming experience. 


  • Open-world setting
  • Dynamic combat
  • Superb graphics and animations
  • Online multiplayer gameplay


  • Requires high-performing device
  • Only available in limited countries

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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